Jason and Molly have been on staff with StuMo since 2007.   Upon graduating from the University of Tulsa with a finance degree, Jason knew that he was supposed to forgo a career in the business sector in order to impact college students.    Molly graduated from Azusa Pacific University with a degree in Christian ministry, her hearts desire was to give her life to impact as many people as possible.  For 7 years they lead StuMo at the University of Tulsa, where they saw a very small campus movement explode to have worldwide influence and impact.   Year after year they would contemplate if reaching college students was the right place for them to serve God and every year felt confirmed that they were called to impact students.  In 2013 they started asking the question "what next? "  They realized more and more that they were gifted and loved reaching college students.  As they looked around, not many people were willing nor had the desire to help students look into their faith in college yet there was such a large need.  Most students have no avenue to investigate the claims of Jesus in a relational non-inimadating way, yet Jason and Molly had the desire and passion for reaching these students. 

In 2014 an opportunity unlike any other was presented to them, they were asked by StuMo if they would  launch a new campus in a new area of the country.  Jason and Molly jumped on the chance to reach a place that StuMo was not impacting.  They were given the opportunity to choose any campus in Colorado.  

Jason:"I remember our first trip to Colorado, we were so excited to see what opportunities might await us.  We contemplated every campus, but the one Colorado campus we were not open to was the University of Colorado in Boulder.  There was a stigma in our mind and an unwillingness to open our self to this option.  Molly and I traveled to multiple campuses in the front range, and as we enter Boulder Valley I asked Molly, "Should we even go on campus? " I had no desire to think about Boulder, yet we parked next to the student union and walked on campus. As we met students and interacted on campus, our hearts were changed.  In 2 hours I looked at Molly and said "we are moving to Boulder, this is where we are suppose to be!"

Stumo at the University of Colorado has grown exponentially since it's launch in the Fall of 2014 by influencing and impacting thousands of students.  Jason and Molly live in Boulder where they weekly open their home up to students, mentor and disciple 1 to 1, teach leadership, and help students wrestle with the hard issues that college brings. Jason serves as the campus director of CU leading a staff team of 8, along with being an area director overseeing Stumo at Colorado State University. 

StuMo at CU Boulder has honestly changed my life. Jason and Molly had the faith to leave their family, friends, and community in Oklahoma to make Jesus’ name known in Boulder, CO. Their faithfulness has allowed me and so many of my friends to come to know Jesus, and has given so many students the vision of making disciples!
-Kendall Lundquist CU 2018